Meet Breanna


I always knew that my path in life would utilize my gift of empathy, at least in some
capacity. I was aware of the ability I had to feel things deeply and see things clearly. My
mission as a young adult, fresh out of High School, was to seek support and guidance
to help me harness these abilities.

I was a baby Psychology student in college and an avid reader, meditator, and recipient
of the Energy Based modality of Reiki. Upon many signs and nudges from something
higher than myself, I was led to study Massage Therapy and Reiki. I completed 900+
hours at Milan Institute in Palm Desert, Ca in 2016. This is what started it all. It was
during this time that I was introduced to Yoga and Sound Therapy.

I was fortunate to study under Hillary Faye and Bronwyn Ison in the Awakened Love
Yoga Teacher Training program which included training in Vinyasa, Kundalini, Reiki, Yin
& Restorative Yoga. I then studied under Deva Munay in her Embodiment of Sound,
Sound Bath Training course.

I am currently pursuing my degree in Psychology and learning new methodologies of
Somatic and body-based therapies.

I hold the integrity of my work high and am honored to create safe spaces for
others to explore, learn, and move into their most full freedom & expression.